Shajeng's values: advantages, quality, production capability, and R&D capability.



Drilling on Hardox

Cutting Capability from HRC 40 to HRC 55

Shajeng Hardware imports high quality materials from Europe and Japan in order to provide custom tools that can drill holes from hard materials like railway, excavator bucket, or even military tanks. HRC55 material is possible to drill with our high quality drilling tools.

Large Dimension Holes

Up to Ø 7-7/8" and 9-27/32" in length.

Shajeng Hardware provides cutting tools used for drilling. Shajeng's cutting tools can drill holes  for up to 250 mm in diameter and 200 mm in cutting length.

We design and develop our own CNC Machines

5 AXIS CNC Machines

Shajeng Hardware manufactured own High Quality 5 Axis CNC Machines with high precision and stable process for the best product outputs to guarantee each product is at its excellent form.

Heat Treatment & Cryo Treatment Technology

Imported from Japan 

For the best cutting edge cutter, we upgrade our heat treatment furnace and cryo treatment furnace. All these furnaces are imported from Japan and engineers are trained from Japan to operate these machines.



To ensure quality consistency, Shajeng Hardware puts each product through a variety of quality control tests. The product is tested at each step of the production process. Qualified and well experienced staff operate newly developed equipment, with strict inspection and quality control. All shipments must go through an outgoing quality assurance inspection before shipment. All inspections are done on a sampling basis or according to the sampling plan we agree with our customer, and in either case, by observing the C=0 sample plan rule.



Shajeng Hardware imports high quality industrial materials that have a good reputation for industrial materials from Europe and Japan. Strong research and development team has hugely contributed to Shajeng’s future by developing it’s very own revolutionary cutting tools and equipment.

Shajeng Hardware's products fully meet their needs from Shajeng’s Advance Heat Treatment technology and Cryo Treatment Technology not only strengthens but also prolongs the endurance of our products to your use to the maximum.



R&D have the ability to achieve any customer’s request. We have the best R&D Designers, so we can customized any requirement. Our products are engineered to be high quality and survive longer cutting life. Additionally, we are able to design and develop our own High Quality 5 AXIS CNC Machines for best product output.